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kejn ([personal profile] kejn) wrote2008-08-29 06:35 pm
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Kejn Awake: Friends Cut


i've made a serious cleanup of my flist today. i've nipped off some old journals that have been inactive for a long time as well as some journals that do deserve active and communicating readers but unfortunately can't count me as one. i don't use custom filters for my friends page and prefer to limit it to stuff i actually find myself reading and reflecting on. as i see it, if i don't read you i don't deserve to be your LJ friend.

however, if i've dropped you today and you think i've made a horrible mistake you can always throw me a comment here (this post will be viewable for a limited time) or in my "friends only" post, and tell me why. comments will be screened.

thank you for the time we've shared in LJ land.